Sex Differences in Cognitive Estimation

Sex Differences in Cognitive Estimation During Sleep Deprivation: Effects of Stimulant Countermeasures
Int J Neurosci 2008;118(11):1547-57.

Stimulant medications restore simple alertness during sleep loss, but it is not clear how they affect complex executive functions, particularly in light of sex differences in cerebral organization. The effectiveness of caffeine, modafinil, dextroamphetamine, or placebo for sustaining performance on the Biber Cognitive Estimation Test (BCET) was compared in 29 men and 25 women following 46 hr of sleep deprivation. Stimulants had differential effects on BCET performance as a function of the sex of the subjects. Women receiving placebo or caffeine scored significantly worse than males, while modafinil and dextroamphetamine were effective at sustaining BCET performance of men andwomen.

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